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The Right Products for Your swimming Pool Repairs in Southeast Michigan

Imagine heading outside to take a dip in your Swimming pool only to find that you can’t because the equipment is malfunctioning. What could be more frustrating than the inability to escape the summer swelter in Southeast Michigan just because you need a replacement part? If this ever happens at your home, you need to be able to call a repair service that can address the situation quickly,  At Pisces Pools & Spas, we provide a full array of products to fix your problems so you can get back to enjoying the cool swimming pool water.

Equipment to Keep You Swimming

The world of pool equipment is full of different devices, and each item performs an important function. When something fails in your swimming pool area or hot tub, you can trust our technicians to install one of the many quality pool products we have for sale:
  • Pool pumps to keep the water circulating through your system
  • Pool heaters to regulate temperatures for comfortable swimming 
  • Pool filters, which strain out dirty water impurities
  • Skimmers, drains and other white goods
  • Pool lights for night swimming and chromotherapy
  • Pool salt generators, Pool mineral sanitizers and Pool chlorinators
  • Pool cleaners for automated scrubbing cleaning of swimming pool
  • Pool Vynl liners to prevent costly leaks
  • Pool chemicals for optimum sanitation
  • Safety, sports and deck equipment
  • Pool covers to cut down on energy expenses

Don’t Settle for Inferior Components

If you need to buy new equipment for your swimming pool in Southeast Michigan swimming area, contact Pisces Pools & Spas for sales and installation of quality products. Don’t compromise your ability to swim by putting off these important pool repair projects. To purchase components or schedule an appointment for maintenance or repairs, call us today at 810-599-3067.