Pool Openings


After a long winter of  harsh weather our pool opening specialists are eager to remove the gunk, leaves and sludge water off your pool cover. Once drained and cover is removed, we will scrub and power wash the entire cover & water tubes. In addition, we  will start, clean and inspect all equipment, making sure that your pool is functioning properly with good filter pressur. Once the cover is clean and equipment is started we will put on all accessories (handrail, ladders, diving board exc.). We Finish the opening by scrubbing dirt lines off the liner, coping, concrete and accessories, then power wash the entire pool area. when we leave, your pool is functioning properly and pool deck area is sparkling clean. 

Make sure your pool cover and water tubes have a 50 gallon container to be placed in and put away where rodents can't get to them.

Opening Checklist

  • pump water off cover

  • remove & clean cover

  • start equipment

  • put on acccessories 

  • scrub liner, coping, pool deck & equipment

  •  power spray entire pool  area 

  • we leave your pool 100% ready for operation

Prior to our arrival please make sure to have

  •  electricity to pool turned "ON"
  •  water faucet by pool turned "ON"
  •  the accessories put where we can      access them.

Heath Buchholz (Owner)