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How to Renovate Your Swimming Pool With a Lake Theme

Lake Theme Swimming Pool
Many homeowners try to make their swimming pool resemble a tropical lagoon. However, a creative twist on that idea is to make over your pool so that it resembles a lake in the forest. The idea of dipping in a lake is just as enchanting as in a lagoon. After all, how many people visit the lakeside every weekend?

Below are some steps to renovate your swimming pool so it appears as your own personal lakeside retreat. 

Change the Pool Shape

If you're going in for a major renovation, or starting from scratch, consider changing the shape of your swimming pool. Lagoon pools are often freeform, which can work for your lake pool, too. You can take an existing shape and have the contractors round out places to make it appear more organic. However, consider installing a kidney or oval pool since these resemble lake shapes.

Have the Pool Liner Resurfaced or Replaced

A turquoise or otherwise tropically-inspired liner is not ideal for a lake swimming pool - lakes are not that vibrantly colored. Instead, you want a darker color. How you approach this change in color depends on what kind of liner you have or want to have.

If you have a fiberglass liner, you can have it replaced with one in a different color. Look for the darker shades that don't feature turquoise undertones. That said, don't be fooled by a gray liner - these tend to look light blue when filled, and that's not the target color.

You can also choose a plaster liner, which affords you numerous options. At its most basic, you should choose a dyed plaster that will give your water the appearance of depth. You can even opt for a reflecting pool which appears almost opaque. You can also choose aggregates for the liner to add more depth - just don't get too sparkly because you'll end up with a tropical look again.

Update the Decking

Sometimes lagoon pools feature glamorous decking because they want to create a resort ambience. You want your "lakeside" decking to be more naturalistic or even rustic. For instance, you could choose a hardwood such as ipe or teak and have the contractors lay the decking so it resembles a lake dock. That decking would be quite evocative of lakeside fun.

Other options include simulating nature. You could have simple concrete coping with turfgrass decking. While uncommon, such decking certainly gives that lakeside feel. More likely you'll choose natural stone or concrete. If you choose the latter, you can have it stamped and stained to look like stone or even cracked earth.

Add a Cabana

Adding a cabana may seem the height of making it over into a lagoon pool. However, the key is the style of the cabana. Rather than tropical, you want it to look like a structure you'd find on a lakeside. This style can look rustic. For instance, you can have unfinished wood and uncut stone used as the material. You can also aim to make the cabana resemble a lakeside cottage.

Plant Trees

The marriage of landscaping and hardscaping is what gives any swimming pool wow factor, and it's certainly true with your lake theme. Indeed, the landscaping is what's going to distinguish your swimming pool from other styles. In this case, you'll need to have trees planted because lakes are usually found in the forest - indeed, the trees can even add a sense of privacy.

You'll want to choose trees that are native to your region so they best promote that natural feel. You should consider a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees or shrubs. If you're choosing evergreen varietals, you can have them close to the water unless they grow berries - you don't want your trees to drop debris in the water. Deciduous trees should be strictly backdrop for that reason.

Renovate your swimming pool into a homey lakeside retreat. Talk to Pisces Pools & Spas about all your swimming pool needs.