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How to Open Your Pool


The trees are blooming, flowers are beginning to pop up and the Robins are coming back — all of these are signs of spring. The spring season means nature is coming back and so is the warmth, which means it's time to think about taking a swim in your pool. Read on for helpful tips to guide you when you're ready to open up your pool for the season.

Clear the Cover

Before you can even think about removing the pool cover you'll have to get rid of any water that is sitting on the top, as well as leaves and other debris.

Use a submersible pump to remove the standing water. If you don't own a submersible pump, then you can rent one from your local rental shop, however, as a pool owner, you may want to think about investing in one of these pumps as they come in handy.

While running the submersible pump you should work to get rid of the leaves and other debris using a net or even a plastic rake, but be careful not to poke through the pool cover. 

Take Off the Cover

Taking off the cover should be done carefully and may require a few sets of hands. If the cover dips back into the pool you'll have all of the dirt and debris from the cover in your pool, as well as water on the cover, which may make removing it heavy and difficult.

Have your helpers grab one side of the cover and pull it tight while removing it from the entire pool. You can also have another helper pull the opposite end while the other helpers walk it away.

Lay the pool cover out in the grass and hose it down to get it clean enough so you can fold it and put it away until next year.

Attach the Hoses, Pump, and Filter

Find all of your hoses, the pump, and your filter so that you can attach them to your pool.  If you can't remember how they should be installed, then find your manufacturer's instructions. Be sure the hoses are screwed tightly in place so you don't have any leaks.

Fill the Pool With Water

The water level in your pool should be halfway up the skimmer opening. Use your garden hose to fill the pool with water, or if you need quite a bit of water have a pumper truck come to your home to fill the pool for you.

The pumper truck may cost you a bit of money, but your water will fill up much faster.

Vacuum Debris

Even with the pool cover in place, you could still end up with debris at the bottom of the pool. If your pool is dirty, turn on the pump and filter and begin vacuuming the pool.

Check the Chemicals

Check the chemical levels in your water. Even if you aren't going to be swimming in the pool right away, the chemicals should still be at the right levels, after all, algae can still grow in your pool and stain the liner.

Use a testing kit from your local pool equipment store to test the water, or take a sample of the water to the pool store for testing. Then, add any necessary chemicals.

Once the water in your pool and the temperature outside heats up a bit, you can get back in the pool to swim, relax, and have fun. Contact our experienced pool experts at Pisces Pools & Spas to have your pool opened for you or for help with any of your pool needs.