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How to Maintain a Safe Pool

Pool Cleaning
Pools can be great fun in the summer, but they must be properly maintained in order to stay safe. Pool owners with children - and even those with pets - must be careful to ensure that their pool is not a hazard for members of their family. If you're a pool owner, the following tips can help you keep your backyard pool a place of safe entertainment for everyone.   

Install a Safety Cover

You may have a safety fence around your pool, but can your children open and close it? If so, your pool could be a serious safety hazard. Children who enter the pool unknown and unseen by their parents can easily find themselves in a situation that could lead to drowning and death. 

One potential solution to this problem is the pool safety cover. Safety covers are designed to prevent children (and anything else) from gaining access to the pool. Some pool owners use their safety covers only in the winter after the pool is closed for the season. However, safety covers can be used all summer long to protect children and keep the pool off-limits until parents grant permission. These covers cannot be removed by children.

Pool safety covers are specially anchored to your pool deck and rely on tension to support heavy objects. Some pool covers are so strong that they can support small cars. 

Any pool cover should be installed by a professional, to ensure that it's tight, secure and ready to protect your family. If you would like to install one on your pool, contact a pool professional today.

Ditch the Diving Board

Diving boards cause accidents. Children fall into the water and hit their heads or fall onto others and injure multiple people at once. Diving boards were once common in backyard swimming pools but are now becoming rare. In fact, diving boards are so dangerous that some people with pool diving boards have trouble getting homeowners insurance. Those who are able to get homeowners insurance often have the diving board excluded from their coverage. 

Of course, a diving board is a part of your pool that's built into the deck, just like any other water feature. Work with a professional pool remodeling company to have your diving board removed so that the space left behind looks right with the rest of your pool. 

Keep the Water Clear and Clean

Pools that are not well maintained will turn green quickly. The water in such a pool is usually cloudy and difficult to see into. If someone should fall in, this makes retrieval that much more complex. 

Keep your water clean and clear. Work with a pool maintenance company that knows how to maintain the right balance of chemicals for your pool so that you'll never have to worry about green water. 

Get Regular Inspections or Contract With a Pool Maintenance Company

Some homeowners choose to maintain their pool themselves. If you are one such homeowner, contact a pool company to perform regular inspections of your pool pump, drains, drain covers, pool deck, fencing, and other features. Your pool contractor can let you know when your pool needs repair or maintenance that can help keep your family safe. 

If you contract with a pool maintenance company, they should be able to tell you when a significant safety or repair issue arises. Work with a company that knows how to analyze, inspect, repair, and renovate your pool as needed.

If you have questions about how to keep your backyard pool safe for your little ones and pets, contact an expert in your area. At Pisces Pools & Spas, we're happy to answer homeowners' questions so they can enjoy their pools to the full extent possible. Contact us today if you have more questions.